About this Blog

I’ve been in the markets for over 20 years, and following them for about 30.  I’ve lived through recessions, currency crises, inflation crises, stock and bond market crashes, as well as the biggest bull market in history.

The Barker Report is an outlet to speak my mind on market events and the twists and turns I expect them to take in the near to mid future.  It is my passion about the subject that makes this a pleasure rather than a chore, and I am happy to share these views with everybody out there.

I am the main author in The Barker Report; however, from time to time I will have guest bloggers or will re-post a blog from someone I follow.  References will be always done and credit will be given where it’s due.

I don’t expect to have the last word, so you are therefore encouraged to leave comments if you happen to agree or disagree with any topic.  The more the merrier.

Happy reading,

Fredrick Barker